Nespresso is helping to drive the creative field of film to its next destination.

Nespresso believes in the power of innovation and storytelling. It’s a coffee company at its core, sure, but it’s as committed to fostering creativity in the worlds of gastronomy and cinema as it is to delivering a delicious, consistent cup of coffee, no matter where in the world it’s served.

This year marked the first execution of Nespresso Talents, a vertical film contest that celebrates creative filmmaking talent around the world. The prizes, three cheques of 6,000 euros and three tickets to the Cannes International Film Festival, went to the three most innovative creators in the realm of vertical film (as opposed to the traditional horizontally shot film). Nespresso Talents recognizes the innovators within this exploding medium, the demand for which is being propelled by the rising popularity of mobile-first content.

At Cannes for the ninth consecutive year this summer, Nespresso continued to lend its support to the festival’s creative talents in the realms of cinema and gastronomy as official coffee sponsor. This goes far beyond the provision of Nespresso Grand Crus from any of the 225 Nespresso machines on site.

“The Cannes Film Festival is incredibly important to Nespresso, as it reflects our commitment to support creative talent,” says Nicolas Duplaix, Nespresso’s Global Sponsoring and Events Manager. “We believe in fostering talent in creativity, from cinematic spectacles that break the boundaries through to tantalising gastronomic delights and of course, the highest quality coffee.”

As part of their participation, the brand supports the “Grand Prix Nespresso,” which, for the sixth year running, honours the director of the best debut film announced by La Semaine de la Critique (Critics’ Week) in advance of Cannes. They also bring to life La Plage Nespresso, which showcases emerging chefs and offers festivalgoers one of the most sought-after locations to eat, drink, see, and be seen.

As the boundaries of the creative arts continue to expand, Nespresso will stay its course of helping to foster those living and producing from the cutting edge. This is true coffee culture.

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